Construction Safety Tips

With the many rules and regulations here in Australia, maintaining a safe worksite is a legal requirement. You’ve likely got strict protocols in the way work is conducted to ensure that safety is the number one priority at all times. But there are a few aspects of worksite safety that can be overlooked and forgotten.

We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure your workers as well as the building supplies can avoid damage or injury.


Reduce The Buildup Of Mud

This is particularly important through these winter months, where rain is quite frequent. Mud on a construction site can be a real hazard for workers and can lead to people slipping and building supplies potentially being damaged as well. Not to mention, it can be quite unsightly and does not make for a professional looking worksite.

Removing and sweeping soil

The key to ensuring that the creation of mud is kept to a minimum is to put in place barriers to keep it off the site and protect exposed soil when rain is expected. Removing and sweeping this soil away from the working area and where people are walking is a smart move and you should even provide boot brush and hose so workers can easily remove mud that has built up on their boots. Another option is to create a walkway using metal grating or planks, which provides a safer path for workers to take, especially when handling construction materials.


Eye Wash Stations

In most cases, workers should be wearing safety goggles, especially when building house frames, working with timber trusses, grinding or chipping. However, it is quite common for workers to have irritated eyes or pink eyes regardless, whether something something finds its way inside the eye or the build up dust around the face has an effect later on. An eye wash station can be very helpful in an emergency as foreign objects in the eye can be extremely dangerous and have serious consequences if not dealt with immediately.


Water And Sanitation

Cleanliness is also very important as far as maintaining a healthy and safety worksite. Workers should be able to quickly wash up when going for lunch or finishing up for the day, and often the most convenient way to do this is by having a wash up station in place. Here there will be a small basis, soap and paper towel, as well as sanitizer spray. For larger construction sites, portable shower units are often brought in to provide workers with that added convenience.

healthy and safety worksite

In addition, providing a water cooler or refrigerator with bottled water can be a big help, particularly on those hot days. Dehydration is a genuine risk at a lot of construction sites, and it’s important to have the best interests of your workers in mind. Providing this can ensure your team stays hydrated and working to the best of their ability.

When it comes to worksites it’s a case of the safer, the better, so don’t forget about these small aspects of worksite safety that are often overlooked. And remember, for the best range of quality building supplies and materials, get in touch with Oshea’s Timber Trusses.