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Why do many tradies prefer O’Sheas to the big warehouses?

The thing that sets O’Sheas apart is its personalised service. The staff at O’Sheas are not just order takers, they are specialists in this field and use their many years of experience to give advice on how to do specific things.

Also, if appropriate, they give alternatives and recommendations when they believe there could be a better way.

What timbers can be used on decks?

The most popular timber is Merbau because it is long wearing, and has natural durability and stability. Australian hardwoods are often used, such as Spotted Gum and Ironbark, to give more character.

What timbers are used for bearers and joists under decks?

This is an often contested question, but in general treated pine is used because of its resistance to rot. Hardwood can rot if there is no treatment given to it before the boards go on.

Can you use Oregon or green hardwood on outside structures and decking structures?

No, because it is not durable, therefore will not meet building regulations. It is safer to use treated pine.

Does O’Sheas dress and re-size timber to customers requirements?