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We all love to decorate our homes during the normal months of the year, so when Christmas comes around it is always a point of pride to make the old house looking at its best for your guests before the party begins. Most people like to put up the decorations with the tree and add a little magic to their house, but have you thought about polishing your timber floors to bring that added festive sparkle?

If your timber floor is looking a bit tired or losing its sheen, polishing it up professionally will be added a certain dazzle to your home like nothing else! One of the best ways to polish the floor is to perform a complete sand and polish, but if you do not have the tools or patience, then purchasing a good quality timber floor polish will help bring out the grain and leave your floors looking great.


Like Brand New Timber!

One of the first things you will need to do is sand the floor timber down slightly in order to remove the top layer of polish, and any grime or dirt that couldn’t be cleaned off of the surface. The sanding process will bring out the natural oils in the wood and leave your floor looking like a newly laid timber floor. Orbital sanders, for example, can be found at many specialist stores, so finding the right tools for the job will be a breeze.

It is important to start with a low grit of sandpaper in order not to damage the floor, and find the correct sanding level to simply take a small amount off the top surface. Using a floor sander will be easier for this job, but if you are good enough with manual tools, then start to sand evenly across the full surface of the floor.


Re-applying The Polish To Your Timber Floor

When it comes to polishing the floor after all (and we mean every single bit) of the sawdust is removed, washed and dried you will have two options to choose from. One of the most popular options is a polyurethane solution that is both hard-wearing as well as giving you a slick finish.

The other option is a natural oil polish that may not be as hard wearing but offers a natural alternative that is less hazardous. There are also a number of finish options including gloss, matte and semi-gloss, so depending on the type of timber floor you have, as well as your preference, choosing a finish that suits your flooring the best is the easy part.

coating timber floor, reapplying the polish of timber flooring


Firstly apply a coat of the polish around the corners of the timber floor with a brush, and then apply an even coat across the entire floor with a roller going against the grain. This should then be left for approximately 8 hours for drying – being careful with pets and children who may have access to the room.

When the layer of polish is dry, you will then need to remove the rough surface of this layer with the sander again, in order to smooth it out for the next layer. After sanding it is extremely important that you remove the sawdust left on the surface, as the final layer will trap it, leaving you with nasty spots across the floor.

Apply your final layer to the surface and let it dry for another 8 hours before going near it again. The floor should ideally be left to dry overnight, so check it in the morning, and you will see the brand new floor shine! If needed, you may apply a third coat, but in most cases this is unnecessary.

If you still have issues with your timber floorings, such as dark patches or the timber itself has lost its old shine, you may have a poor quality timber installed and may want to have it replaced or upgraded. For the best timber building supplies in Melbourne O’Sheas Timber & Trusses is the one-stop shop for timber products, as well as friendly local advice for all of your building and renovation projects.