Wood is still one of the most useful, durable and versatile building materials available on the market today. There are thousands of categories of wood, named and divided depending on how they look, their strength and how we can make use of them. Timber’s strength and durability along with it being light and flexible compared to other building materials such as steel making it ideal for home construction.

O’Sheas Timber provides high-quality timber and building supplies in Melbourne to help you with your construction needs and we have a huge range of timber and hardware options for your building projects, large and small. Our products include:

  • Building Foundations
  • Flooring
  • Lock Up
  • Timber Frames
  • Roof Trusses
  • Pergolas and Decking Timber
  • Cladding Timber
  • Other Building Hardware

Nothing beats the look and feel of natural wood in your home, whether you choose to use timber in your kitchen, living room or lounge room it is sure to be a beautiful, versatile feature. Timber flooring is especially timeless and very popular, it is easy to clean, low maintenance and is a great allergy friendly choice for your floor’s finish. With so many colours and textures, O’Sheas Timber has got a large number of options to suit your needs perfectly.

Our premium framing timber ensures buildings are structurally strong and will stand the test of time. We are the trusted supplier to builders, innovators and landscapers all over Metropolitan Melbourne and greater Victoria.

We have a number of suppliers including James Hardie, WeatherTex, Carter Holt Harvey so we can offer our customers a complete range of external cladding timber and sheets.

At Oshea’s we also offer a huge variety of hardware like different types of locks for entry doors, windows as well as eave materials. We supply pergola and decking timber, fixings and other building hardware like nails, hinges, screws, nuts and bolts, coach screws and dynabolts, glue and sealant and other tools.

Our building supplies are of high quality, affordable, durable and price competitive. Our experienced team can provide quotations for your timber list and any other details for your building plans. We also deliver our products directly to you.

If you are planning for your home sweet home, then don’t be late to call us at (03) 9786 3422 or visit our website at osheastimber.com.au