Win a Camper Trailer !

From now until the end of September, we have a promotion sponsored by our buying group HBT. All you need to do is spend $100 or more with us, and you get a chance to win a camper trailer worth $8,890. There are 4 of these to be won. Also, there is a $100 store prize for O’Sheas customers only.
We’ll let you know the Ts & Cs of the competition at the time of your eligib…

Protect against rot on weather-exposed timber

To ensure durability of your weather-exposed structures, there a few simple rules to follow:

Use H4 treated timber for below ground, and H3 treated timber for above ground.
Finish the timber with top or end caps
Paint or coat the timber
Round the sharp edges of the timber
Protect the timber from moisture or direct sun where possible
Use drip edges to provide free moisture flow…

Protect against cupping on decks

An issue that surfaces occasionally is cupping in decking boards. This is caused by insufficient ventilation under the boards, which means they remain moist for too long. A builder/landscaper can do a lot to prevent this:

Always place the grooved side of decking boards down. The grooves are there for ventilation and moisture drainage, not to add grip.
Allow at least 300mm gap between t…

H3 & H4 timber – FAQs re safety

Below is an extract from the Timber Preservers Association of Australia.
It lists some FAQs re safety and precautions when handling treated timber.
Terms and notes

APVMA – Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

CCA: – Copper, chrome and arsenic (Note – The vast majority of O’Sheas H4 timber is treated with CCA only)

ACQ – Alkaline copper quaternary (Not…

5 Most Common Questions About Timber Framing

common questions for timber framing

As timber frame suppliers in Melbourne, we have heard a lot of questions about timber over the years. Chances are that if you’re a builder or contractor, you have too. The end customer is always going to question about the products and materials used and it’s a good idea to be able to provide the information needed. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the most common queries or…

3 Of The World’s Most Iconic Timber Frame Structures

The advantages of using timber frames in building and construction have been well rehearsed on this very blog. Timber comes from a clean, renewable source, it is not expensive, easy to transport, malleable; the list goes on. But one reason that timber is not ideal to every type of structure is that it does present some design challenges. While it certainly can be used to create gorgeous buildings…

Address to LIAV Industry Night, 22 June 2017, Holmesglen TAFE (Barrie O’Shea)

Thanks for having me here tonight.  Great to see so many of you after we’ve all done a hard day’s work.

Thank you to Megan and the Committee for making us a Bronze Sponsor.  We thoroughly enjoy dealing with landscapers as every project is more creative.

A some of you know, I am getting on a bit in age.  I asked a mate of mine of a similar age the other day: At our ag…

3 Important But Often Overlooked Construction Safety Tips

With the many rules and regulations here in Australia, maintaining a safe worksite is a legal requirement. You’ve likely got strict protocols in the way work is conducted to ensure that safety is the number one priority at all times. But there are a few aspects of worksite safety that can be overlooked and forgotten.
We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure your workers as well as…

What You Need to Think About when Building a Deck

timber deck, deck

There’s nothing quite like having your own deck. Particularly in the summer months, it’s great to be able to sit out on your deck on the weekends and cook up a barbeque or just enjoy time with the family.  It has become a popular project for a lot of Aussies out there to build their own deck, and while it’s certainly something you can get done right if you put your mind to it, there is…

4 Maintenance Tips for Weatherboard Cladding

Weatherboard Cladding Melbourne

Weatherboard Cladding makes a very stylish, atheistically pleasing addition to the exterior of your home. However, weatherboard cladding also has practical purposes too. If used correctly, it can contribute to insulation and also acts as a protection to exposed walls. Regardless of its purposes, it’s important to keep it well maintained and in good health, as it goes with most aspects of your…