The use of timber cladding is becoming a popular feature of modern Australian homes, mainly for its stylistic features. But there are additional benefits that come with the use of this material instead of other cladding options. If you´re in the process of building or renovating with solid timber, it might be worth looking into timber cladding as an option for your exterior. Read on to find out why.


What is Timber Cladding?

Timber cladding is essentially a layer or wall of timber that sits outside the structure of the building but that has very little real functional purpose in terms of the structure of the home or building, although it does have subsidiary benefits including the fact that it can improve insulation. The wooden boards that make up timber cladding are attached to the structural wall with fixing battens, between which there is buffer space. Timber cladding can be organized in a variety of ways depending on the look the builder is going for including diagonal, horizontal and vertical.

building with timber cladding

Timber Cladding fusions Style with Durability

Stylistic Qualities

You’d be forgiven for assuming that timber cladding has only an aesthetic quality, and it´s true that it can easily be used to spruce up the exterior of a home. Visually it is quite versatile as well; it can be finished in a variety of ways with paints and stains and in terms of design it can be applied over the entire exterior of the home or just in parts to combine with other materials including brick. Another stylistic option that is quite popular is the use of timber cladding with different shades, rather than a single one. This gives the exterior a certain depth that can look terrific, particularly on modern homes. In terms of style and creativity there are a lot of options with timber cladding.


The Design Freedom

The versatile natural look and the strength of timber makes it one of the most superior quality choice for cladding. It doesn’t just give a formal layout for a home but it creates a natural appeal and an eye-soothing place of beauty. If you look for other cladding you may feel restricted in choice of designs. But timber is the only cladding material that suits with any chosen place or environment. For the most versatile and attractive appearance timber cladding plays the greatest role. You can change the colour and style of your building by giving it a modern finish any way you want.

timber provides design freedom

Timber Cladding significantly improves the Home Insulation System

What other Benefits does Timber Cladding provide?

However, timber cladding actually provides additional benefits too. Like most forms of timber, it is good for the environment in that its production comes from a renewable sources and its production is clean and efficient, without great use of additional resources. It breaks down easily at the end of its life cycle and provides you home with improved ventilation, making your home much easier to heat when combined with other insulation techniques. It is also inexpensive both in terms of the material itself and to build with. Being lightweight it is one of the most convenient cladding materials to work with.

 timeber cladding is recycleable

Timber Cladding serves an Ageless Visual Versatility

Lastly, there is something to be said for timber claddings sound absorption qualities. It has been described as one of the best ways to protect the interior of your home from sound pollution, filtering out noises from outside.
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